Does your webpage sing?

This is one of my crazy idea that occurs me lately: what is the sound of my webpage code?

I remember that about 18 years ago I heard for the first time the odd sound of my 56Kbps dial-up modem.
Of course, the data has to be sent as fast as possible and therefore we heard the music of data
at a high frequency such that it transformed a possibly wonderfull sound into a odd whiz.

Now would be a good time to see how your data sounds like :-)
Just enter your webpage and play its source code. You will see each byte of your webpage source code
and will hear its sound. Hopefully it will be a pleasant play.
Another crazy question: does a HTML page sound more beutiful than a JavaScript?
Does a CSS source page have a fancier melody than the others?
Personally I found that the JavaScript sounds better (especially when you have many functions).